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Effects of Sun in the 12th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Sun in the 12th House: Vedic Astrology

The Sun is regarded as one of the most important planets in astrology. Sun represents power, honour, and strength. The Sun also represents the family’s father. It is also the Karak planet associated with health.

The Sun is a powerful planet, and because of this, its energy can hinder that of other planets. A strong Sun can make a person confident and equipped with a robust will. A weak Sun, on the other hand, will make someone doubt themselves. The sun is a dominating and important figure in astrology. It governs the Phalguni, Krittika, and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatras. The Sun is exalted at 10 degrees of Aries and afflicted at 10 degrees of Libra.

The 12th house being the last house is the representation of completion or ending. It stands for separation, liberation, and solitude.

As Sun is a strong planet, its placement in the 12th house can lead to several effects on their life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the effects that Sun can cause if positioned in the 12th house.

Aspects of Life affected due to Sun in 12th House

Sun in the 12th house can have a lot of impacts on a person’s life.

  • It will affect the subconscious and consciousness of the native
  • Sun in the 12th house can cause progeny
  • Their attitude or behavior toward other people will be affected
  • The native’s attitude towards their work will be affected as well
  • The social status and position of the person will be impacted

Positive Effects of Sun in the 12th House

The natives of Sun in the 12th house are spiritual people. Highly spiritual people make up the Sun’s position in the 12th house. These people are followers of good deeds and karma. They supposedly work on their karma continuously. Additionally, it is observed that they are more understanding of those who have mental illnesses.

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People with Sun in the 12th house take rules and regulations seriously and are highly disciplined. These could be social or religious laws or particular customs. They never break the rules and will never go against them as well. Moreover, they will are not the type of people who will make the same mistake twice.

Sun in the 12th house people is hard-working people. They are creative people and constantly perform well in their professional life. According to the career astrology of the Sun in the 12th house, they are very diligent and committed in their professional approach. These people can complete any task they are given, all they require is a well-made-up plan.

Negative Effects of Sun in the 12th House

Sun in the 12th house can make the people seek solitude as well. This will make them look self-centered. Additionally, these individuals usually feel the tension of two opposing desires. The internal struggle could frighten them. However, based on Vedic astrology with the Sun in the 12th house, it is improbable that they will take the extreme step of renunciation.

If the Sun is weak or afflicted then the natives may experience challenging circumstances like incarceration, hospitalization, lack of sleep, separation, addictions, mistrust, inferiority complex, and loss of close family members. Sun in the 12th house can cause the natives to have a bad relationship with their father. They could struggle with their father and have a tense relationship with him. They should make every effort to keep their male parent on good terms.

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Sun in the 12th house will create problems with conceiving a child as well. After getting married, the couple might remain childless for some time. They can have an extremely tough time getting pregnant. Despite engaging in a variety of religious ceremonies and seeking medical assistance, people could encounter difficulties becoming parents. Though this doesn’t mean that they cannot become parents, they just have to keep trying.

Remedies for Sun

Well, feeling the negative effects of the Sun in life can be difficult and devastating. It can bring a lot of positive effects but when its negative effects take charge, so it can make a person’s life pathetic and tragic. Therefore following the remedies of the Sun is highly beneficial for a person.

  • Establish a practice of waking up early and admiring the dawning sun. This simple habit can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Each day, pay homage to the Sun with a respectful offering of water.
  • Make a meaningful contribution – donate red clothing and other items of the same hue to those in need!
  • Generously donate medications to the impoverished and less fortunate.
  • Incant the Surya Beej Mantra “Om Hraam Hreem Hruam Sah Suryay Namah” every day for powerful, positive results from the sun.
  • To minimize the harmful effects of the Sun, we recommend wearing a Ruby stone with an appropriate metal on Sundays as it is known to be auspicious for this day.
  • Avoid consuming non-vegetarian meals regularly.


The 12th house represents the end as it is the last house. Sun in the 12th house can improve the professional life of a person and help them walk the spiritual path as well. These people will have the ideal life as they follow rules. But Sun can bring negative effects as well, such as pregnancy can be delayed and several health problems.