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Effects of Sun in the 10th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Sun in the 10th House: Vedic Astrology

The Sun is revered as the supreme one among the celestial bodies. Sun is a symbol of strength, authority, and honour. The father of the family is also represented by the Sun. It is also a health-related Karak planet.

Because the Sun is a strong planet, its energy can obstruct that of other planets. A person with a powerful Sun may be self-assured and endowed with a strong will. However, a feeble Sun will cause someone to lose confidence. In astrology, the sun plays a commanding and prominent role. It rules the Uttara Ashadha, Krittika, and Phalguni Nakshatras. At 10 degrees of Aries, the Sun is exalted, while at 10 degrees of Libra, it is afflicted.

The 10th house or Karma Bhava is the house that represents the profession of a person and the ways by which they will earn money. In simple words it speaks for the work one will do and the capabilities of the person to earn money. By studying this house, one can know what kind of profession they will undertake and whether they will be successful or not.

Let’s see in detail what are the effects of the Sun in the 10th house.

Aspects of Life Affected Due to Sun in 10th House

  • The professional life of the person is impacted
  • The family life they have is affected
  • The romantic relationship and the bonds they hold are affected
  • The financial field of the native’s life is affected

Positive Effects of Sun in the 10th House

With Sun in the 10th house, the native will be a hard-working person and hold great ambitions. Therefore, Sun in the 10th house is good for the career of a person. This also means that they can own a lot of money in the future. They are more likely to succeed in their goals and aspirations and will strive hard to reach new heights. These people can become successful in their professional life and they will find success more quickly than most people. They will always strive to raise the level of living for their loved ones and themselves.

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These people have the capability of loving their families. They keep their family as a top priority. In addition to their family, they keep their loved ones and close friends close to them. These people will never leave them stranded and will always help them. They will also celebrate their accomplishments and experiences with a close friend or relative.

In addition to loving their friends and family, they shower immense love on their significant other or partner as well. Although they don’t just make anyone their partner, these people look for the perfect partner. Sun in the 10th house residents will also desire that their partner share their aspirations and ideals.

Sun in the 10th house natives has a knack for leadership. In addition to it, they have good skills for managing things. They are able to guide their team to victory and honour. All this will means that their professional will go forward smoothly until they find success.

People with Sun in the 10th house are well-built and have great stamina as well. This strength and energy they possess will assist them largely in the myriad of activities they take upon. They channel their high amounts of energy into worthwhile activities that improve their professional and career objectives.

Negative Effects of Sun in the 10th House

Sun in the 10th house people can sometimes have a lot of confidence in themselves, which can lead to their downfall. They feel so confident about their opinions and ideas, they might end up thinking of others’ opinions as irrelevant. Perhaps while they may think their perspective is right and even the finest, that does not necessarily imply that other people’s thoughts and opinions are flawed. If their ego grows too big, it can prevent them from achieving their goals and dreams. The interpersonal issues that inevitably arise as life progresses should receive less of your attention than your goals and targets.

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People with Sun in the 10th house can constantly feel unconfident about themselves. Having low self-confidence will lead to them feeling unambitious and uninterested in the things they do. Or they won’t have the required enthusiasm to do several activities. These people will require someone else to motivate or push them. Additionally, they can sometimes be in constant anxiety regarding their position in society. These people will always have insecurity regarding what people think about them.

Remedies For Sun

Being under the negative influence of the Sun is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. It can easily make a person’s life miserable. But Vedic Astrology comes with several remedies for the ill effects of the Sun.

  • First off, make the habit of waking up early and looking at the rising sun.
  • Every morning you must offer water to the Sun.
  • Donate red clothes and other things of red color.
  • Donate medicines to the needy and the poor as well.
  • Chant the Surya Beej Mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hruam Sah Suryay Namah” every day. The mantra will result in positive effects from the sun.
  • Ruby is auspicious for Sun. Therefore to reduce the ill effects of the Sun can be reduced by wearing Ruby with appropriate metal on Sundays.
  • Try not to eat non-vegetarian meals often.
  • Performing yoga postures is considered to be effective as well to lessen the negative effects of the Sun. The most powerful psychic center of the body known as “Sahasrara Chakra” or Solar Plexus Chakra is where the energy of the Sun is located. Therefore every day you must concentrate on the top of your head, the location of Sahasrara Chakra before going to bed or early in the morning. While doing this you should also chant the mantra “Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya” inside your mind. Also, sit in the Sukhasana pose, which is cross-legged, with a straight back and closed eyes.
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Sun in the 10th house is extremely beneficial for a person’s career and professional life. It can make the professional life of a person extremely good and make them wealthy in the end. They will also work for their friends and family and have good connections in their life. But Sun in the 10th house can sometimes make a person overconfident at times and under-confident at times. There won’t be consistency in their life.