Best Remedy For Improving Self-Confidence in Vedic Astrology

ॐ गंगणपतये नमो नम:

Self-confidence is an individual’s perception regarding their capabilities and qualifications. It may be high, poor, or in the middle. Although everybody has questions about themselves periodically, poor self-confidence will make you feel unsure and uninspired. You might acknowledge certain factors that influence your view about yourself, whether you feel depressed, or it might be a puzzle as well. In any case, if you think about how your self-confidence can be enhanced, here is our best idea.

Best Remedy for Improving Self-Confidence

One of the most effective ways of removing all sorts of negative thoughts and doubts regarding your capabilities is this simple and noteworthy remedy that you must do. This remedy is really special and actually very rare as very few people or astrologers talk about it. Moreover, it took me a lot of time to research this special remedy and finally I gathered all the knowledge from astrology experts and well-renouned pundits to get the actual method to do this remedy.

Everything you need for this procedure is also easily available in your house. All you have to do is take a ten-rupee coin and paint it in white color on one side. The other side should be left unpainted. Now you need to stick this coin to a wall in your room or house in such a manner that the white-painted side faces towards and the unpainted side faces the wall.

Remedies for Self-confidence

After you have pasted the coin on the wall, you need to take a white marker or pen and write ‘Akashay’ on the white-painted side of the coin. Once you’ve written it on the coin, you need to take a chair and sit in front of the coin in a way that keeps the coin in sync with your eye level. You must also make sure to sit at a five-foot distance, and it’s best if you measure it to avoid any complications.

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Now you have to sit and stare at what you’ve written on the white coin. The best part is that only you know what you’ve written on the coin since both the coin’s surface and the marker’s ink is white. No one else around you would know what you’re looking at. While they would see the coin, they wouldn’t see what’s written on it.

Now I know it does sound really unscientific and illogical to just stare at a coin with “Akashay” written on it but there’s real psychological reasoning behind this remedy and that’s why it’s one of the best ones to perform for improving self-confidence. The word Akashay means inexhaustible or renewable that on your sub-conscious level, makes your body adjust to specific vibrational energy that’s going to regenerate your energy levels.

You should note the time and sit in front of the coin for nine minutes. You need to make sure you stay there for nine minutes. What will happen during this time is that you will gradually notice a change in the coin’s surface. The edges of the coin will slowly start becoming black, and the only thing that would be visible to you will be the word you have written on the coin.

Once you see this happening, you should pat yourself on the back as you go in the right direction. You must perform this activity early in the morning for nine minutes. It would also be best to do it once you have showered in a neat and clean state. Many of you might also be wondering if they should do this before having breakfast or having breakfast, so it is usually advised to do this activity before breakfast.

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However, since many people also have issues concentrating early in the morning without their regular coffee or tea cup, it is also recommended to have your daily dose of caffeine before carrying out this activity, and you could have your breakfast once you’re done. Furthermore, the process would be even more effective if you perform it on an empty stomach since hunger often increases your focus and makes you less drowsy.

You have to keep repeating this activity every morning, daily, for a total of five days. On the fifth day, you need to take off that coin, put it in your pocket, and leave for work for school. You could also put the coin in your purse or wallet and take it with you to your destination. Everyone who has been through this procedure has observed a sudden boost of internal energy in their body.

They have experienced a positive change. What this activity does is, increase your inner sense of self-confidence. It affects your unconscious thinking process. The lisp of your tongue while addressing large crowds or the sudden fright you used to get while approaching your boss, or any other issue you faced, will soon be gone.

While you have to start taking the coin with you to work on the fifth day, the entire process will continue for a total of nine days. So, on the sixth day, you have to paste the coin back on the wall and stare at it for nine minutes and then take it off and take it to work with. You will keep repeating this process for the remaining four days to complete the total nine-day activity.

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After the ninth day, you are free to permanently take the coin off your wall and place it in your pocket or bag. You will start noticing the positive change in your personality from the fifth day, and your face will start to glow with confidence. After the ninth day, you will notice your self-confidence to be at its peak, and you will be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Final Words

We understand how distressing the lack of self-confidence can be. It has urged many people to take medications and consult psychiatrists when a simple and effective solution is available for all at home. If you follow our mentioned technique, you will notice a quick and positive change in your attitude and thinking like everyone else who has tried it. Furthermore, this will be a permanent change which gives you all the more reason to try it.